A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Josh has called Destin, Florida home since 2005. Prior to that he ran a manufacturing company in Mexico. When he moved to the Emerald Coast he started a career in real estate. That is when he noticed a need for a company to manage luxury vacation rentals in Destin. It wasn't long after that  Five Star Properties was born.

"I traveled all over the country looking at different operations to see who was doing it right. I took small pieces of what I saw to formulate the Five Star model." Since 2008, the company has grown to manage over $500,000,000 of real estate locally, generating over $23,000,000 in revenues annually. "The thing I've been most impressed with is our ability to stay small and dominate the top 5% of of the market. We want to continue to provide a boutique experience to our owners and guests."

Five Star has since expanded on these values and now operates in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Breckenridge, Colorado.

Josh is a serial entrepreneur, constantly looking for ways to improve the VR space. CartoBlue, an interactive marketing company, is one of his other ventures. There, they work to brings clients' visions to life with interactive 3D floor plans, digital renderings, and drone videography.

"I love business and I love working," says Mclean. "It's not the money that drives me, but the ability to take something I dream of and make it a reality. I love collaborating with people who are experts in their field and working to provide clients with creative solutions. Over the years I have learned (sometimes the hard way), that I can do very little by myself, but when surrounded by the right people, can build anything.

Our main goal is to always provide the best possible service. We constantly focus our efforts on what we can do better, not what we have already accomplished. This is what allows us to be on the cutting edge of every aspect in the business. A strong focus on pushing the boundaries in marketing helped us to become known as the company that can handle generating $500,000+ on a property in one year. We've generated incomes in this market that nobody ever dreamt of being possible."

When Josh isn't working, you can find him with his beautiful wife Margaret and their three amazing children; Lillian, Scarlett and Jude. He might also be on the golf course, traveling, or cheering for the Titans and Vanderbilt.