Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Now that summer is over, you may be thinking you have the beach to yourself! With the tourists gone, it’ll be easy to claim your spot in the sand. The truth is, you’re sharing the beach even if you don’t realize it! Sea turtle nesting season is in effect and we’d like to give you a few fun facts on how to keep this beautiful species alive and thriving:

– Sea turtle nesting season takes place May through October.

– The mother turtle makes her way to the beach where she digs a cavity about 18 inches deep. She then lays on average about 120 eggs and buries them under the sand.

– The eggs incubate in the nest for about 60 days before they hatch.

– Hatchlings make their way back to the ocean by the downward slope of the sand and moon’s reflection off the surface of the water.

When walking along the beach, keep an eye out for any suspicious patches of sand, and be sure to leave them undisturbed. The nests may be marked by a local Sea Turtle Watch to keep them safe. If you see any holes along the beach, please fill them in as the baby hatchlings can easily fall in. Sea turtles are a species over 210 million years old, and while we love our beaches, we also love our wildlife! So, be very careful when visiting the beach this season and remember that you’re sharing it with some of the most amazing animals in the ocean.